Light package “Party”

From  79.00 pro Tag / per day / per día

Our party lighting package includes:

  • MAX “PARTY BAR 10”
  • Hemisphere 5.1

of course incl. Construction / dismantling!


Day based pricing : party
1 - 30 days : 79.00 / Day

MAX “PARTYBAR 10 / Hemisphere 5.1

The MAX “PARTYBAR 10” is a sensationally inexpensive complete lighting system for small parties, bars, pubs, DJs, entertainers, etc. It is delivered including a tripod and IR remote control and can also be controlled via DMX (3 or 16 channels). 2 LED RGBW 4-in-1 spotlights with 3x 3 watt LEDs each, 2 RGBW “Jellymoon” flower effects with 4x 3 watt LEDs and the combination of UV black light and stroboscope with 6x 2 watt UV / strobe LEDs built up above ensure an impressive performance Light show!

  • Complete LED DMX lighting system
  • 2 PAR spotlights with 3x 3 watt RGBW LEDs
  • 2 jelly moon effects with 4x 3 watt RGBW LEDs
  • 1 UV / stroboscope combination with 6x 2 watt UV / strobe LEDs
  • Including light stand and IR remote control
  • Each device can be freely positioned and aligned
  • Ideal for DJ’s, entertainers, party rooms, bars, clubs, etc.
  • Height-adjustable tripod (max. Height 1.80m)
  • Built-in automatic programs / built-in, music-controlled program
  • DMX control possible via any commercially available DMX controller
  • Occupies 3 or 16 DMX channels
  • The system can be set up and dismantled in the shortest possible time
  • IR remote control for: various automatic modes, music-controlled mode, fixed color presets, speed, DMX addressing
  • Power supply: 100V-240V 50 / 60Hz
  • Power consumption: 0.3-0.5A
  • Weight: 3.5 kg (without tripod)
  • Dimensions: 730 x 200 x 200mm (without tripod)

Hemisphere 5.1

Hemisphere 5.1 is a room-covering device that projects RGBWA LED beams through dozen clear lenses – like a rotating, multi-colored disco ball. Individually controllable LEDs match the ambience of every event and enable the creation of individual light shows. The device has several control options, including 5-channel DMX mode and built-in automated and sound-activated programs. Pair up to 10 units to save time laying cables, and since there is no duty cycle, the device can run all night.

  • The LED hemisphere emits multicolored effects similar to a disco ball
  • Maximum color options with red, green, blue, white and yellow LEDs
  • Can be mounted with a single bracket thanks to the practical, central mounting point
  • Design individual looks without DMX by selecting colors in stand-alone mode
  • Create a constantly changing star field with a motor that rotates in both directions at a variable speed
  • PowerLink saves time in wiring
  • Sound-to-light capable
  • Easy access to integrated automated programs in master / slave or DMX mode
  • Fits in the CHS-40 VIP Gear Bag


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