Sound package “vinyl”

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  • 8 x 500 watt active speakers (incl. tripod
  • 8 x subwoofers 2000Watt LD Systems
  • 1 x Pioneer mixer
  • 2 x Pioneer DJ XDJ-700 players
  • 2 x vinyl record players
  • 1 x microphone
  • 1 x DJ booth (table)


Day based pricing : Soundpaket „Vinyl“
1 - 30 days : 899.00 / Day

8 x 500 watt ICOA active speakers from LD Systems (incl. Tripod)


High-performance coaxial drivers for crisp, detailed sound with a big impact. With the rotatable CD loudspeaker optimized for BEM, you can fold out the loudspeaker vertically or horizontally. Incredible bass reproduction for rich, full sound even without a subwoofer, get the most out of the performance of your speakers with the integrated DynX DSP. The legendary construction from LD Systems offers years of reliable use.



  • Product type: PA speakers
  • Type: Active
  • Power: 300 W (RMS) / 1200 W (peak)
  • Frequency response: 48Hz – 20kHz
  • Crossover frequency : 2kHz
  • Maximum SPL : 128 dB (peak)
  • Protective circuits: multiband limiter, overvoltage, overcurrent, thermal overload
  • Controls: 2 x gain, ON / OFF switch, rotary / push encoder
  • Displays: LC display
  • Min / Line inputs: 2 x XLR-1/4 ” ‘combo jack connections
  • Line inputs: 1x 3.5mm TRS connector
  • Line outputs: 1x XLR
  • Cabinet:
    • Neck -body connection: bass reflex
    • Stand flange: 36mm, 5 ° or 0 ° flange (double inclination)
    • Monitor angle: 55
  • Dimensions: 416 mm x 695 mm x 415 mm (width x height x depth)
  • Weight: 24.3 kg

1 x Numark M6 mixer

The Numark M6 USB has all the essential tools, including three-band EQ and LED metering on each channel, interchangeable crossfader with curve control, and the ability to assign each channel on either side of the crossfader.

The user can speak through the mix thanks to the presence of a dedicated microphone channel and a secondary microphone input on channel four. And to deliver the best possible sound, the M6 has balanced outputs.

  • Inputs : 2 phono, 4 lines and 2 microphones
  • 4 input channels with gain, 3-band EQ and LED metering per channel
  • Computer connection via USB for recording or playback with PC or Mac computers
  • Play music from the player software
  • Allows you to record your mix on your computer
  • Assignable and replaceable crossfader with curve control
  • Black color



2 x Pioneer DJ XDJ-7 00 “

The Pioneer XDJ-700 is a compact and digital rekordbox-ready DJ media player with a full-color LCD touch screen, Pro DJ Link and many other features of its bigger brother (XDJ-1000). With Pro DJ Link it is possible that 4 players can access one track source. The tracks can be loaded via USB or WiFi.

Let’s face the fact that with today’s tablets and smartphones we live in a touchscreen world. Why not take over the usual operation in the DJ equipment? The DJ XDJ-700 gives you app-like control over your music, but with the precision and stability you can expect from a professional standalone DJ player.

Features Pioneer XDJ-700

  • Large full color touch display with integrated keyboard input
  • NXS Club layout
  • Auto loops and hot cues can be quantized
  • rekordbox and rekordbox app-ready
  • rekordbox track information visible on the touchscreen (wave zoom, beat countdown, phase meter and key analysis indicator)
  • Load music and search via WiFi or USB
  • Fully MIDI assignable
  • Detachable tripod
  • Beat sync
  • Slip fashion

Technical specifications Pioneer DJ XDJ-700

  • Playable file formats: MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF
  • Frequency range: 4 – 20,000 Hz
  • 7 inch touchscreen (resolution> 1280×768)
  • Output: 1x cinch
  • USB input: 1x USB type A
  • USB output: 1x USB type B
  • LAN connection (100Base-TX)
  • Jog wheel diameter: 138.2 mm
  • Weight: with tripod 2.0 kg, without tripod 1.7 kg
  • Dimensions: 238 x 307 x 106 mm (with tripod) & 78.8 mm (without tripod)

2 x vinyl record players


8 x subwoofers 2000 watt LD Systems


  • Type: Band width 2
  • Output power: 1000W
  • RMS output: 500W
  • Maximum sound pressure: 131 dB
  • Low frequency driver: 12 “
  • High frequency driver: 1 “
  • Frequency range: 58 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Input connectors: 2x XLR / TRS
  • Output ports: 1x XLR
  • 36mm mesh: Yes
  • Width: 390 mm
  • Height: 627 mm
  • Depth: 377 mm
  • Weight: 20.6 kg

1 x microphone


1 x DJ booth (table)


incl. equipment

All package prices include delivery and dismantling / assembly.



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